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Is a native of suburban Philadelphia, now residing in Ocean View, New Jersey. He is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University School of Architecture and studied Engineering at Wesley College. 

After working as a professional architect, Lance decided to switch professions and become a professional artist.  He has been practicing his work for over 40 years.  

Lance has developed a style of painting that incorporates layers of color and overlapping shapes and forms that reference his previous architectural career. 

His more recent work is rooted in the basic forms of nature. Sensitive manipulation of brushwork on light filled canvases catapult the viewer into the inner visions of the creative mind. Simply handled, yet sophisticated in concept, the artist is able to use subtle color schemes combined with bold compositions to create a soothing yet dramatic image. Simplicity through color, forms and compositions characterizes most of his acrylic paintings. 

Lance is most known for his painting “Tryst”, which is part of the permeant collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  

For inquiries about purchasing or commissioning a piece or for more information, contact Lance Balderson at or at 609.624.0051.  

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